Ro-Ro transport Ro-Ro enables a careful loading and unloading within a very short time.

Ro-Ro transport


Ro-Ro is the abbreviation of Roll on – Roll off and in addition to that the term for the transshipment and transport of rolling goods i.e. machines and vehicles which could be usually moved on their own wheels.


  • The transport is more sustainable in comparison to other transport modes, especially compared to trucks. Furthermore, the environment is relieved enormously. A barge consumes considerably less diesel for 100 tonnes-km and has significantly lower CO2 emissions. The loading is performed gently for the item (usually rolling). The damage rate tends to 0%.
  • New vehicles only drive short distances
  • Rolling material has lower signs of utilization
  • Avoidance of weekend driving bans
  • Relief of deployment concerning social and steering legislations
  • Traffic jams and driving bans are circumvented, for example 84 truck trailers correspond to a loading length of approximately 1,100 m, on a motorway this would be a length of more than 3 km
  • Based upon 100 departures, motorways can be relieved from an equivalent of approximately 17,000 trucks
  • Rising shortage of drivers in the truck sector can also be counteracted